Febuary 21st-26th

Show Producer

Jan Bruner

Mobile: (602) 370-6979


Barn Manager

Doug Hammack

(303) 601-0623


Early Move in:

Tuesday, February 18th, after 4:00 pm

Regular Move in:

Wednesday, February 19th, after 8:00 am

Latest Departure:

Thursday, Febrary 27th, before 10:00 am

All fields are required, phone numbers need to be numbers only (No dashes, parenthesis, etc.)

Stalls $383.76 each

(includes 4 bags of shavings and 2 mats)

Total Stalls:

Shavings Included with Stalls

*Cell phone numbers are how we create blocks. Please use your trainer's cell phone to ensure you are stalled with them. If there are multiple trainers or people in your group, pick one person's phone number to use for this.

Mats Included with Stalls

All stalls purchased for the Silver Dollar Circuit will include 4 bags of shavings and 2 mats regardless of if you are using them for tack stalls or horse stalls. You are free to use the bags that come with your tack stalls and place them in your horse stalls. You may also order additional shavings below:

Additional Shavings $11.44 each

Additional Mats $20.80 per mat

Total Stalls

Total Shavings:

Total Mats:

Cart Total:   $

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