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Streamline your Stall Reservations

Stall management is one of the most difficult elements to successfully manage at a horse show. There are many effective methods out there, however, most require a large amount of time and effort to maintain and update. They also require lots of work to get everything to balance at the end of the horse show. 

This is why EZHorseshows was created! It’s a system that streamlines taking stall orders, processing payments, and displaying that data to make it easy to work with for Show Managers. Our goal is to take the confusion and hassle out of stalls so you can focus on managing your horse show.

EZHorseshows is a safe, effective, and efficient way for people to pay for stalls for your event, change who they want to be stalled with, and view their orders. It also allows trainers to view who has requested to be with them, who has or has not paid for stalls in their barn, and how many stalls they have purchased.

In addition to the great functionality, EZHorseshows offer a secure way to process credit cards that is PCI compliant and protects its site users (both the horse shows and the exhibitors) by keeping everyone's credit card information secured through a process called tokenization. Our credit card processing is powered by Stripe, one of the most trusted processors in the world. Organizations such as Lyft, Target, and even Amazon trust and work with Stripe. 

Setting up a horse show with EZHorseshows is easy and intuitive. Become a site member, contact us via phone or email to become an authorized show producer, and then you’re ready to start! Have questions? We are always here to answer them and ready to help you get up and going!

Call us at: 303-601-0623



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