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Expo Square | Tulsa, Oklahoma

All fields are required, phone numbers need to be numbers only (No dashes, parenthesis, etc.). If you are stalling alone, you may use your own Name/Email/Phone for Trainer information. All groups should pick one person in their group to and use their information for Trainer/Barn fields, please make sure you use the same phone number as everyone in your group, as this is how we create stall blocks.

All horses are required to stall. There are no day fees or tie-outs. You cannot show from your trailer at the Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex at Expo Square. Early discount for Prepaid stalls is $195 per stall until August 5. Stalls ordered or paid after August 5 are $225 per stall. Move-in begins Wednesday, August 25. NO late departures allowed after 4 am Monday, September 6. Contact Tulsa Reining Classic for any exceptions to this. Unapproved exceptions will be charged $100 per stall. Refunds on stall will be $15 less than originally charged stall price in order to cover any credit card processing/administrative fees. Refunds will be given till Saturday August 21.

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